Innovation is vital for realising the benefits of research. This site provides a resource for researchers interested in gaining a better understanding of the innovation and commercialisation process.

NHMRC aims to build a healthy Australia through health and medical research. NHMRC’s Corporate Plan 2019-20 identifies research translation as one of its three key priorities, with the NHMRC driving the translation of health and medical research into clinical practice, policy and health systems and the effective commercialisation of research discoveries to support the pursuit of an Australian health system that is research-led, evidence-based, efficient and sustainable.  

Australian researchers have an outstanding track record in health and medical research. They are well-placed to translate their research into products and services that build a healthy Australia and lead in the translation of science globally.

This site explores the language, processes and tools of the innovation and commercialisation pathway, with a view to promoting commercial literacy and assisting researchers to bridge the gap between academia, government and industry.

It will also present examples of Australian researchers who have undertaken successful innovation and commercialisation journeys, providing practical insight into how they navigated this pathway. The first example below, is from Professor David Grayden from the University of Melbourne:

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